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free → free
free → freedom
free → inundate
free → liberty
free → unrestrained
free (extricate) oneself from → break away from
free (extricate) oneself from → cast away (old ideas, etc.)
free (extricate) oneself from → free (extricate) oneself from
free (extricate) oneself from → to break away (from)
free (extricate) oneself from → to break out (of)
free (extricate) oneself from → to get rid of
free (of charge) → free (of charge)
free agency → free agency
free from worry → calm
free from worry → composed
free from worry → free from worry
free from worry → peaceful
free from worry → tranquil
free oneself → extricate oneself from a difficult situation
free oneself → free oneself
free oneself → relief
free time → free time
free time → spare time
free trade → free trade
freedom → free
freedom → freedom
freedom → liberty
freeing (from sth) → freeing (from sth)
freeing (from sth) → liberalization
freeware → freeware
freeze → freeze
freezer → freezer
freezer → icebox
freezer → refrigerator
freezing point → freezing point

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